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Justin Romo View

General Manager

I've been with the company for 7+ Years and have enjoyed the car business since then. I started right out of high school not thinking that I would make this my career. I was just thinking this to be a temporary job until I find a field that I would enjoy. But I like the feeling of meeting new people and enjoy helping them in the process. I have a beautiful family and a great wife that supports me and my career.


Mary Frost View


Mary Frost –Not able to carry a tune but born in Nashville, Tenn. I was a tomboy at heart and grew up loving cars and horses, the two mixed together got me in the Car Business ( the original horse trading). I started in this business in the late 70’s owned my own Chevrolet Dealership in Hennessey, Okla. for years, was Controller for AutoMax in Okla. City for years, decided to get out of the New Car Rat Race and join a smaller more intimate organization “The Car Store”


Stefanie Hatfield View

Assistant Accounts Manager

I am a born and raised Okie!! I am a Mother of 2 lovely boys and Married for 11yrs…I have been with The Car Store for almost 5yrs now and growing strong, I love the family connection that we have with each other and also with our customers! If there is anything that you need help with I am here for Ya!!!


Markettea Smith View

Account Representative

My name is Markettea Smith and I have been awarded employee of the month every month since I have been employed with The Car Store. (Ok, maybe not every month….ok maybe not at all, but Im working on it. Lol!!) I work in the collections department at The Car Store, so that bright and cheery voice that you will be hearing once you purchase a car from our dealership, is me!!! I have a smart and funny 12 year old son who I absolutely adore. I love the connection our company has with our customers and considers each other family. So, if you’re reading this, we have more room for family and we would love for you to join us at The Car Store.


Laura Baggett View

Accounts Payable


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